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Specializing exclusively in Social Security Disability Claims, Tonya A. Fedewa P.L.C. will immerse herself in your case, making sure she understands your medical conditions and that you understand the definition and requirements for being found disabled. She'll educate you about the process and its technicalities - making certain that you are fully prepared for the hearing.

When your ability to hold a job and provide for yourself and your family is hindered by a disability, you may be qualified for Social Security Disability Benefits. You deserve to get what you've worked for.

Know your rights and don't take "no" for an answer

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Applying for social security disability benefits is a lenghty and usually a frustrating process. Approximatley  two thirds of all initial claims are denied. If you receive a denial contact Tony A. Fedewa P.L.C  for assistance.This is where Tonya A. Fedewa P.L.C. could help you.

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